Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations

The Trident Club is a private, non-profit, member-owned corporation involving high capital investment and professional management to serve the recreational needs of its members and guests. Members are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and responsible manner, including showing the proper respect to the staff and regard for the safety and convenience of all persons using club facilities. Active members will be held responsible for any damages caused by themselves, their families and their guests. The following rules and regulations have been established by the Board of Directors and will be strictly enforced for the benefit of all members.

  1. Members and guests must register upon entering the club for the first time each day.

  2. The pool shall be used by registered members and guests only when it is officially open and when an attendant is on duty in the clubhouse and at least one lifeguard is on duty in the pool area.

  3. All members must have an Emergency Contact form on file in the Clubhouse. This form must be completed and submitted to the club the first day you visit the Club each season. Failure to do so may result in the suspension of membership privileges.

  4. All members and guests under the age of 15 must pass a swimming test in order to swim without the accompaniment of an adult. This year we will have two bands: Black Band – This band allows access to all parts of the pool without the accompaniment of an adult. To receive the Black Band, swimmers must demonstrate proficient swimming ability and be able to tread water for 2 minutes. Only management or the head guard may evaluate these swimmers. Red Band – This band allows access to all parts of the pool EXCEPT the diving well without the accompaniment of an adult. To receive the Red Band, swimmers must demonstrate the ability to swim 25 meters and be able to tread water for 1 minute. Any lifeguard may evaluate these swimmers. If a swimmer fails the band test, he/she may try again the next day. Until a swimmer receives a band, he/she may only swim in the roped-off shallow end without adult accompaniment.

  5. Children who do not pass the band test must be accompanied by an adult or banded member/guest in the pool unless in the 2 ½ – 3 ft. area where they must be supervised by an adult or babysitter at the edge of the pool at all times. Children who have not passed the band test are not allowed in diving area under any circumstances.

  6. Children who are not toilet trained must wear swim diapers in the water at all times.

  7. Any child using the wading pool must be supervised by a parent or a babysitter in the immediate wading pool area at all times. Swimmers with bands may NOT utilize the baby pool at any time.

  8. In no event may a child under 10 years old be left unattended in the pool area, even if parents are playing tennis. Lifeguards will not be responsible for them. If used, babysitters must be at least 14 years old.

  9. All objects including balls, rafts, inflatables and other swim gear may be used at the discretion of the guards on duty. Hard balls will not be allowed at any time.

  10. Members and guests must adhere to pool safety rules as posted which include, but are not limited to:

    • Diving is allowed only in the designated diving area of the pool. Diving will be allowed on the top half of each hour of the clock, for that half hour. Flips are not permitted from the edge of any area of the pool at any time.
    • No running is allowed on the pool deck.
    • Games in the diving area are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. Games will be allowed in the diving well on the bottom half of each hour of the clock, for a half hour. No running is allowed when diving into the diving area from the pool deck.
    • Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Others must wait their turn at the bottom of the ladder. Divers are not allowed to turn the adjuster on the board, run on the board during their approach, or to bounce more than once on the end of the board. Divers must waft to enter the pool until the one before them has reached the ladder at the edge of the pool.
    • Only one person is allowed on the slide at a time. Others will wait their turn at the bottom of the ladder. Swimmers may only go down the slide sitting face forward or on their belly, head first. They may not go down backwards.
    • The blocks are only to be used during swim team practice or authorized swim lessons.
    • Pool basketball games may be played at the discretion of the lifeguard on duty. If the guard on duty deems the pool is too crowded, basketball games will not be allowed.
    • Any game or rough play in or outside of the pool which is considered unsafe by the lifeguard on duty will be terminated.
    • The lap lane is for the exclusive use of lap swimming.
    • Diving over or hanging on the lane lines is not permitted.
    • Proper swim attire is required. No cut-offs or sweat pants are allowed.
  11. Members must adhere to the rules of safe swimming, tennis and basketball as set forth by the Board of Directors and posted by pool management. Inappropriate use of the pool, tennis courts and basketball courts is prohibited. Use of skateboards, roller blades, and scooters is prohibited.

  12. Loitering is not permitted at the entrance of the clubhouse, around the front desk or snack bar window.

  13. Rowdiness will not be tolerated. This behavior includes, but is not limited to profanity, bullying, pushing, wrestling, any activity deemed unsafe or causing undue disturbance on the club property, and disregard for the authority of management and lifeguard staff.

  14. Personal radios and CD players are permitted. However, management reserves the right to ask and expect members/guests to discontinue their use if volume or content is offensive to other members and guests.

  15. Under no circumstances are glass containers of any type permitted in or around the pool area.

  16. The consumption of alcoholic beverages by persons over the age of twenty one is permitted only in a discreet and responsible manner and in designated areas. Alcoholic beverages may be held and consumed under the pavilion and on its deck, and on the grass portions of the property. Alcoholic beverages must remain 10 feet from the edge of the actual pool and are not allowed in the pool itself. Responsible alcohol consumption is permitted if discreet. Discreet use includes covering the container with an insulator (koozie) or using a plastic cup. Members and guests using the club’s facilities are subject to removal from the premises if they engage in unsafe behavior, or behavior that disturbs the use of the facilities by other members or guests. Any violation of state or local law applicable to the use or consumption of alcohol on the premises may result in suspension or loss of membership or guest privileges. In keeping with other rules of the Club, NO GLASS CONTAINERS MAY BE BROUGHT ONTO THE GROUNDS AT ANY TIME.

  17. Refuse is to be disposed of in containers provided by the Club. Members are expected to pick up after themselves, their children and their guests.

  18. Shower facilities are provided for the use of members and guests. No abuse of these facilities will be tolerated.

  19. No furniture or equipment may be removed from Club property.

  20. No pets of any kind will be permitted on Club property.

  21. Trident Club, Inc. will not be responsible for personal injuries sustained by members or guests.

  22. Trident Club, Inc. will not be responsible for the care, maintenance, storage or security of personal property brought on to or left on the premises by member and guests.

  23. Driving to Trident events at all times is at the driver’s own risk.

  24. The Trident parking lot is for the exclusive use of members and guests using the club facilities. Parking is allowed only in designated spaces, no parking is allowed directly in front of the clubhouse, in front of the fence gates to the property, in front of the dumpster or between the dumpster and the fence. Members or guests parking in unauthorized spaces will be expected to move their vehicles when asked by management or risk towing. The staff is authorized to maintain order and enforce the Rules and Regulations on Trident Club, Inc. property. The Trident Manager on duty is authorized to resolve any matter not specifically covered by these Rules and Regulation Any member not adhering to these Rules and Regulations may be suspended in accordance with the provisions of the Trident Club, Inc. Constitution. These Rules and Regulations are subject to change at the discretion of the Trident Club, Inc. Board of Directors.

Rev. 5/11